Adventures of Dean-O!
the Wire Fox Terrier.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Here’s how your Petster vote helped...

I want to thank all my Petster friends who worked so hard to get in the votes for Fox Terrier Rescue. I especially want to thank Petster for initiating this contest that will benefit so many neglected & abused animals, giving them that chance to find a loving forever home.

I am a lucky puppy because I came from a responsible breeder, who was very particular about where I was going -- boy, did my mom have to jump through a few hoops herself to get her paws on me! hehe!

There are too many others of my breed that have not had such a good lifestart. All too often, these pups are the ’product’ of puppymills. The saddest part of this story are the dogs that are left behind, sentenced to a life of producing litter after litter.

We had a horrible example of this last November right here in my hometown. We Wire fox terriers knew that we had to help, but it is a little hard when you are a dog without your own bank account, so we begged our friends at Fox Terrier Rescue to come to the aid of these wires & we begged our own doggie parents & their friends to do all that they could to make sure that this story would have a happy ending.

All the surviving dogs have new homes & I want to show you how one puppymill victim is doing today -- almost one year after she was rescued from the horrors of life as a puppymill dog.

Her new name is Honeybee & this is what her new mom has to say about Honeybee & her friends...

"They are a special group of dogs, all are extra-sweet and happy in
spite of their terrible puppymill experiences and various on-going
health problems. They seem to have utterly forgotten the past.
Witnessing that has been a profound experience for us humans."

Rescued from the mill

Honeybee today

It is almost impossible to imagine the barbaric treatment of mill dogs. Wire fox terriers have been found in puppymills with teeth pulled & eyes put out so that they will not fight over the meager scraps of food.
PLEASE do not support the growth of this industry by buying your pet from a pet store.

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Monday, October 09, 2006

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Friday, October 06, 2006

Who let the dogs out?