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Monday, December 03, 2007

Five hundred BARKS & counting...

Here is one happy wire in her Mom’s lap -- two years after being rescued from the ’horreur’ of the Blainville puppymill. Could you imagine this pup being torn from these loving arms to go back to the Laporte puppymill?


Click here to add your bark to the demand to deny Laporte from getting back ANY of the dogs he so cruelly abused or from EVER owning another animal.

Click here to see the entire TVA clip shown on TV last week.

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Blogger Patience-please said...

Hi we signed the petition last week. We were just visiting randome DWB, and saw that your mom was in the hospital last week and wanted to say we hope she is feeling better.
all the best-
The whippet waggle

12:34 PM  
Blogger Snowball said...

Hi Dean-O,

I am sent here but "Paw-It- Forward".

Glad to meet you! I am a honorary WFT too so hope that we can be good friends... do drop by my blog sometimes too.

I have signed the petition on Sunday. I hope it will help in some ways. I am keeping my paws crossed for those surviving doggies.


8:54 PM  

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