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Sunday, January 07, 2007


Remember all that show we had?
Well, only a week later & Montreal has broken warm weather temps two days in a row! Here is how it looked as I crossed our bridge this morning.
It was like a spring day -- lots of mud & green things sticking out of the ground. This is very strange weather. Usually, we are frozen solid In January, You cannot even bury a bone in winter. I know this for a fact because on another side of the mountain, where they have the cemetery, there is an old building where they used to store the customers until Spring Thaw.

On our side of the mountain, things are more lively in winter. Skating, tobogganing & even a kiddie ski hill. There were no toboggans (like this one) out today & the ski hill didn’t have enough snow for winter sports, but there were lots of people, kids & dogs -- as usual on a sunny Sunday.

Here is a view of Beaver Lake (still frozen but with ice too thin for even a little dog such as myself to venture upon) & you can see the ski hill in the background.

The danger sign warns ’GLACE MINCE’ which means thin ice!

Beside the far end of Beaver Lake, there were lots of skaters on ice -- thanks to the new artificial ice-making equipment that the city spent all summer installing.Nearby, a pile of snow -- courtesy to the ice-making process -- and the only snow I saw today! I left my mark & headed for home...

...where my favourite doorman was ready with treats for me & my girlfriend Fala.



Blogger Boo said...

wow, no more snow! i can still remember it was covered with thick snow!

there is only 1 weather in my country. i couldn't imagine how you all managed to adapt to the quick changing of temperature and weather over there.

wet wet licks


9:53 PM  
Blogger Bogart said...

Here in Los Angeles we had to have the air conditioning on in the car today it was so warm! We never get snow, but still it's not usually that warm now... I love your pictures, it looks beautiful where you are!


12:37 AM  

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